Tessa Fulfer

Senior Compliance Specialist
Tessa Fulfer

“Work hard and be nice.”


While hard work is generally thought to help lead to career advancement, being nice isn't always associated with getting ahead.  But for Tessa Fulfer, this simple but solid philosophy: “work hard and be nice,” is exactly how she advanced from corporate filer and cleaner to Senior Compliance Specialist.

Quietly confident and powerfully competent, Tessa oversees all aspects of compliance with government and state regulations. She's known not only as a key player when it comes to developing solutions and orchestrating needed changes within her department, but also as a team player when it comes to supporting co-workers and sharing credit where it's due.  Tessa also spearheads the organization and structure of critical projects such as lease ups, which require high levels of collaboration and communication. She understands that being “nice” sometimes means being able to express a differing point-of-view in a tactful, respectful way that helps achieve the best solution. 

Tessa attended Eastern Oregon University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies with minors in History and World Religious Studies. In 2015 Viridian Management presented her with the Corporate Employee of the Year award; and, more recently, she received her NPCC certification through Novogradac and is STAR certified. 

Tessa is motivated to keep learning and growing in both her professional and personal life.  She loves traveling and exploring new cultures and has expressed plans to visit almost every continent (politely apologizing to Antarctica, which is not included on her bucket list).  In her free time this nice, hardworking lady loves spending time with her family; at work she loves knowing that she is making a difference in the lives of many families.