Brandi Perrin

Regional Manager
Brandi Perrin

Push yourself…because no one else is going to do it for you.

Brandi Perrin's experience in the affordable housing industry began as a child, when she would help her mother, a forty-year site manager veteran, pull weeds and clean parking lots.  Working alongside her mom taught her about hard work, honesty, respect, compassion and humor, and prepared her to eventually take on greater responsibilities like minor maintenance repairs and office management.  Today, she is one of Viridian's top-performing Regional Managers.

Known for her excellent interpersonal skills and straight-forward approach with personnel and residents, Brandi has a unique ability to connect people and resources.  She takes time to actively listen to concerns and to resolve issues in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved.  As a result, she has gained the trust and respect of site staff and residents alike, and her properties are consistently in compliance and on budget.

In 2016, Brandi received the AHMA Supervisory Manager of the Year award and currently serves as a Board Member for the Affordable Rural Housing Council.  In addition, she has been recognized as the company Regional Manager of the Year three times.  She excels at taking on properties that are struggling with vacancy or staffing issues and turning them around to succeed beyond expectation.

In addition to her twenty years of experience, Brandi brings to Viridian a sincere and deeply rooted desire to help families in need get back on their feet.  While she works tirelessly to help them do that, she also believes that to keep growing and improving in life, every person has a responsibility to push themselves…because no one else is going to do it for you.