Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson

"Quality does not come from inspection, it comes from improvement of the process." - E. Deming

Patrick Patterson is a dynamic business professional who doesn't hesitate to challenge the status quo. Deploying overseas with the National Guard after September 11, and then later working for a Fortune 1000 company during the economic recession of 2009, taught him that a willingness to rethink old ways and adapt to dramatic change is critical for success and survival. As President of Viridian Management, he applies wisdom gained from these and other key life experiences to foster innovative ideas and drive crucial structural changes within the company.

In addition to over fifteen years of experience in auditing, accounting, budgeting, collections, finance, loss-ratio improvement and management, Patrick is an expert in process improvement and project management. He is also accomplished in developing and implementing processes and programs that streamline operations and improve cash flow. An intuitive leader, he takes great satisfaction in helping people achieve goals that they thought were impossible.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Wyoming, Patrick studied accounting at Southern Oregon University for an additional year and then completed a Master of Science in Accounting at Liberty University. Committed to his community, his faith and his family, Patrick makes time to serve on the Eastern Oregon Workforce Board, to volunteer in his church, to lead the local Awana® program (a children's non-profit ministry), and to spend time with his family boating, hiking and skiing.

Patrick understands the importance of continually asking his team why they do what they do and how they can do it better. Motivated by a desire to always improve, you'll never see him shy away from change just because, “We've always done it this way.” Patrick's zeal for seeking out new and better ways of doing business encourages a company culture of creativity and resourcefulness that positions Viridian Management as a leader in the affordable housing industry.