Ryan Sheehy

Operations Manager
Ryan Sheehy

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

Ryan Sheehy grew up on a ranch in Oregon surrounded by all four of his grandparents.  He credits them with teaching him how to be a humble leader: careful with his words, thorough in his actions and thoughtful in his interactions with others. They also taught him the importance behaving with honesty and integrity— even when it's inconvenient.  In his current role as Viridian's Operations Manager, Ryan relies on those principles, built into his character as a boy, to lead himself and those around him to success.   

Ryan's expertise lies in problem analysis and re-engineering organizations to increase function and productivity in alignment with their mission and vision for the future.   He identifies efficiency issues, develops processes and training to solve those issues and helps facilitate changes to ensure positive results.
After graduating from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, Ryan joined the United States Marine Corps. During his career, he obtained Masters' degrees in Business Administration and Naval Science, and performed a wide range of duties including: flying CH-46 helicopters and the MV-22 (“Osprey”) tiltrotor aircraft, commanding a 220-man Osprey squadron in support of national defense objectives in the Middle East and serving as an Exchange Officer to the Brazilian military.  He served five deployments from ships or land airbases throughout the Middle East before retiring as a Lt. Colonel after twenty years.  Shortly before retiring, he was hired by the University of San Diego to teach a variety of classes including: organizational structure, theory and leadership as part of a continuing education master's degree for law enforcement and public safety leaders.

Quietly confident in his abilities, Ryan Sheehy believes that anything is possible if you work hard enough, smart enough and follow your instincts.  As an active listener, he engages everyone equally, regardless of position, and wastes neither time nor energy trying to be anyone other than himself.