Erin Melville

Erin Melville

“Everything is Figureoutable”

Ask her if she likes hats and she might give you a funny look.  But Erin Melville is the wearer of many. Originally hired to manage accounts payable, Erin has held several crucial roles within the company.  She is now an Operations Manager in charge of implementing and supporting process improvements and helping co-workers troubleshoot problems relating to industry-specific software.  

Her fine-tuned organizational skills and natural capabilities enable her to tackle the various challenges of a growing organization. When asked about how she embraces change in the workplace, Erin responded, “It reminds me of what Forrest Gump said about Vietnam: ‘The good thing was there was always something to do.'”

Erin has a B.S. in Range-Livestock Management from the University of Idaho—which is no surprise when you find out that she grew up in Wallowa, a ranching community where she is now raising her two children.  When she's not working at Viridian, she puts on her cowgirl hat to work and operate her family ranch.  She enjoys riding horses, teaches riding lessons and spending time with her family.

Erin's 6 years of employment at Viridian has helped shape the company into what it is today. Her readiness to never back down from a good challenge is reflected in her personal philosophy, “Everything is figuroutable.”